Learning Relationships
sounding in resonance
toghether with others


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Kutschera-Resonanz® philosophy

Good communication is teachable and learnable. We accompany people to live their resonance, their talents and their joy to live together with others. It is learnable to use the brain in a completely new way in order to be able to live in resonance within oneself and with others - both in one's private and professional environment.


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Our program: training courses, seminars, workshops & speeches

We hold regular training courses and seminars on the following topics:

  • Kutschera-Resonance-Practitioner (includes NLP-Practitioner)
  • Kutschera Resonance Master (includes NLP Master)
  • Kutschera Resonance Trainer (includes NLP Trainer)
  • Mental Coach
  • Systemic Coach
  • Children, Youth, Family-Coach
  • Health Coach
  • Life and Social Counsellor (in accordance with the Austrian Commercial Code)
  • Mediator (in accordance with the Austrian Commercial Code)
  • Supervisor in accordance with the Austrian Commercial Code)
  • Workshops for family reconstructions.

Our trainers are multilingual and we are happy to offer you trainings in English language according to your time and content needs.

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0043 1 5975031

Gundl Kutschera

"Resonance means balance between control and release. Between conscious and unconscious. But also between foreign and personal needs."


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