Conditions of Participation

Registration for training at the Institut Kutschera is made in writing by e-mail (, fax, at or by means of a signed order confirmation. Each registration is binding. Registrations will be considered in the order in which they arrive. Registration for the complete training series requires participation in all modules, including free supervision.

Participation fee

The participation fee has to be paid 21 days before the beginning of the seminar at the latest. The deposit receipt entitles the participant to participate in the seminar. Discounts cannot be deducted. In individual cases, partial payments can be agreed before the beginning of the seminar, but only if a direct debit authorisation has been granted. In the case of a later entry into a seminar, a reduction of the participation fee is not provided for, the same applies in the case of a premature exit.

Scope of Services

The participation fee includes the legally prescribed sales tax. The costs for travel, accommodation, room rental and meals are not included in the participation fee and are to be paid by the participant himself.

Scripts, working documents

Unless otherwise stated, these scripts are generally included in the participation fee and will be issued at the beginning of the seminars. A separate purchase of learning material (scripts) from Institut Kutschera is not possible.

Cancellation conditions and postponements

Deadline cancellations will only be accepted in writing. The following fees apply to cancellations by the customer:

For seminars:

  • between receipt of the order confirmation and 6 weeks before the agreed date: Cancellation 20% of the amount to be invoiced, or 10% in the event of a postponement.
  • between 3-6 weeks before the agreed date: Cancellation 30%, or 15% in case of postponement
  • within 3 weeks: Cancellation 60%, or 30% in case of postponement
  • within one week: Cancellation 100%, or 50% in case of postponement


For consulting and coaching:

In case of absence from one week to one day before the coaching/consulting: 50%.
If the cancellation takes place on the day of the coaching/consultation, the costs will be charged in full.

Changes in the event programme

Due to long-term planning, organizational program changes are possible. Institut Kutschera therefore reserves the right to change course dates, start and end times and trainers. Participants will be notified in good time and in an appropriate manner. If an event is cancelled due to illness of the trainer or other unforeseen events, there is no entitlement to the seminar. Compensation for expenses incurred and other claims against Institut Kutschera cannot be derived from this. The same shall apply to any postponements of dates or changes to timetables necessary at short notice for courses. Institut Kutschera cannot accept any liability for printing or spelling mistakes in its publications and Internet pages.

Shipping & Costs

The delivery takes place with our shipping partner Österreichische Post AG (Monday to Friday) to delivery addresses within Europe. 4.12 Euro (excl. VAT) will be charged for each shipment. The delivery takes place within 5 working days (from the next working day).


The completion of a course depends on a minimum number of participants. If an event has to be cancelled, the seminar fees already paid will be refunded without deduction. The refund will be made by bank transfer to an account specified by the participant in writing.

Confirmation of visit

At the end of each seminar, the participant confirms his participation by signing the list of participants and receives a confirmation of attendance.

Duplicates of diplomas and certificates

Diplomas and certificates can also be issued as duplicates for previous years. The duplicate fee for this is € 16,--. A fee of € 10,- will be charged per copy of an already issued confirmation of participation.

Receipt of a diploma or certificate

For a successful completion of an education or training, and thus the issuance of a diploma or certificate, an attendance requirement of at least 90% of the prescribed teaching units of the respective course is necessary.
The confirmation of attendance must be presented.


The Kutschera Institute accepts no liability for the personal belongings of participants, including the learning materials provided, even in the event of theft. Institut Kutschera cannot be held liable for the use of knowledge acquired at Institut Kutschera.

Rights of use

The author (e.g. Dipl. Arbeiten etc.) as well as the Institut Kutschera may use and publish works produced within the framework of the training.
Results achieved and written works written within the framework of the franchise may be used for publications by the author and the Kutschera Institute with the consent of the Kutschera Institute.

Limitation of liability

In addition, each participant bears the responsibility for himself and his actions within and outside the training itself. Exclusion from a seminar In order to ensure that the objectives of the seminar are achieved, Institut Kutschera may exclude persons from participation without stating reasons.

Film and photo rights

The photos submitted by the participant with the application form (registration) will be stored electronically and used for the purpose of conducting the course or seminar. By registering for a course or seminar, the participant agrees to the use of these photos for this purpose.

The participant expressly agrees that photos, film and sound recordings may be produced and published on the Internet and other image and sound media (DVD, VHS) serving information purposes about courses and other activities of the Kutschera Institute. The participant is not entitled to any remuneration from these publications.

Note within the meaning of the Equal Treatment Act

In order to make them easier to read, some of the terms, designations and function titles used are gender-specific. It goes without saying that all training courses are open to both sexes equally.



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