Dr. Gundl Kutschera is a sociologist, psychotherapist, health psychologist, clinical psychologist, teaching coach, teaching supervisor and teaching trainer. She is the author of several books, lecturer and university lecturer in Europe and the USA. She was the first NLP trainer in the German-speaking world.

She is the founder of the Kutschera-Resonanz® method and the Institut Kutschera. As a founder and initiator, she has made possible numerous projects in the fields of children and youth, parents, school, health and regional development. 

Gundl Kutschera

"It's not about someone having a vision. Everyone has a vision. We uncover these visions when we uncover the talents and the resonance."

Dr. Gundl Kutschera has been researching since 1974 what good and healthy communication is and how it can be made learnable and teachable. In 1982 she founded the Kutschera Institute, where research is carried out into how resonance (flow) and individual talents can be lived with oneself and with others. The aim is to effectively put the findings of modern brain research into practice.